Jessica Woodruff MPH, CHES, ANS



Jessica Woodruff MPH, CHES, ANS

Jessica is an Accredited Nutritionist of Singapore and the in-house Lead Nutritionist for SaladStop! Group. It is her mission to create a happier and healthier workforce through delicious nutrient dense meals and motivational wellness talks. Talks are aimed at empowering clients to create actionable and attainable health goals so they can feel energized to take on the day!

Jessica is a passionate lifelong learner, holding degrees in both public health and nutrition and food science. She is also a Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist (CISSN) and pursuing a Master of Science Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine degree.

She has over a decade of experience working in the nutrition field in the USA, China, and Singapore, where she specializes in curating personalized meal plans to meet any health or performance goal. The best results for improved wellness come from a prescription of flavourful nutrient dense foods, herbs, and spices.

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A Guide to Creating Nutrient Packed Meals

Want a fool proof formula for choosing the healthiest meals for you and your family when cooking at home or dining out?  Learn the basics of healthy eating and the ideal cooking methods.

A Guide to Creating Plant Based Meals

Do you have an interest in plant-based eating but wonder if plant foods can provide enough nutrients?  Learn what plant foods are high in nutrients like protein, calcium, iron and more!

Sustainable Plant Based and Local Eating

Eating lots of plants and local produce is good for the planet! Find out why and how to create a healthy meal plate that is good for you and the environment. We will also dive into the nutrition details of the dizzying array of plant-based meat and dairy alternatives on the market.

Eat Right for Exercise

Want to learn how to eat and hydrate to maximize your exercise performance and build muscle or get lean? Learn the basics of nutrient timing and protein, carb, and fat intake for a variety of physical appearance and performance goals.

Balanced Blood Sugar for More Energy and Cognitive Stamina

Tired of feeling tired? Tame mid-day work sluggishness by learning how to eat to maintain energy levels and a sharp mind.

Eat Right for Your Heart

Did you know that 1 in 4 Singaporeans aged 30-69 years have hypertension while 1 in 6 have high cholesterol? Learn diet tips for reducing salt intake, eating the right fats, and more! 

Happy Gut Healthy You

How food affects our gut bacteria and in turn mental and physical health is a nutrition hot topic. Stores are filled with an overwhelming number of probiotic foods, drinks, and pills! Learn to sort out what is right for you and how to eat for a happy gut.

Holiday Detox

Don’t let your post-holiday or new year ambitions turn into an unused gym pass or short-term fad diet. Learn how to set attainable health goals and choose a diet and fitness plan that will set you on course to feeling like your best self.

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