Jessica Woodruff



Jessica Woodruff

Jessica Woodruff is an Accredited Nutritionist in Singapore and the owner of Plant Powered Health. She is on a mission to empower busy professionals with the knowledge and strategies to optimize health, reduce stress, and increase energy and focus through the transformative power of food, herbs, and a healthy lifestyle.

She is a dedicated lifelong learner with a Master of Public Health and a Master of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine. Jessica is actively progressing to become a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) credentialed by the American Nutrition Association (ANA). Additionally, she holds certification as a Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist (CISSN).

With over a decade of global nutrition experience working with companies in the USA, China, and Singapore, Jessica leverages her international expertise to design health talks that resonate with a diverse audience, helping individuals establish healthier habits.

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Bite into Better Workdays

Delicious and Nutritious Holiday Eating

A Guide to Creating Nutrient Packed Meals

Sustainable Plant Based Eating

A Plant Based Diet & Popular Products

Eat Right for Your Heart

Nourishing Your Gut

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